Thursday, May 17, 2012

News From Sweet Run

It's been crazy busy around here, and none of several posts swimming around in my head have made it into the computer. Consequently, I thought I'd give you a quick run-down of recent happenings here on Sweet Run Farm.

We built (or rather, had someone build) a new garden fence in hopes of keeping the deer from devouring most of our vegetables. We added the black mesh on top of the regular wire fence to a height of about 8 feet. Think that'll do it???

I admit, the skinny black posts on top of the regular salt-treated ones looked goofy at first, but we're used to them now. The mesh is invisible most of the time, but you can see it when it rains.

Once the fence was complete, Robin started plowing and tilling.

I've been snapping photos of wildflowers whenever I get the chance.
Trillium, both pink and white:

Lady Slippers:

Wild Geranium:

And more... I'll show you sometime.

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we got 11 baby chicks. A friend put some eggs from our chickens in his incubator and 21 days later, we had babies! When I took the first photos, I didn't think to try the flash on the camera, so they are red from the heat lamp.

I spent Mother's Day with Dad, and we took peonies from his yard to the cemetery for my mom.

This evening I started planting flowers in our yard. Pink geraniums go along the front porch. I have a long way to go to get the yard in decent shape.

When Robin dug into the last of our stockpiled mulch, he found a surprise! He moved it to the grass with the shovel so I could get some good shots, from a safe distance with the zoom lens, of course!

Other things keeping me hopping lately include going to Roanoke with my sister to see Riverdance. I'm an avid fan of Irish dancing, so this was a real treat, even if it was the third time I've seen it! I got sick again (click here to read about last May's crud) and missed the 150th Reenactment of the Battle of McDowell, right here in our own hometown. Raven, our big black Tennessee Walking horse, foundered, much to our dismay. He's such a nice horse, and it happened so fast. We sure hope he's going to recover, but I've learned that founder is an awful thing. I haven't been to work at the farmhouse for several weeks may just have to wait until the school year is over. Speaking of school, we are in the depths of state testing, which is putting all us teachers just about over the edge.

Hopefully, when school is over in June, life will slow down a little. Until then, don't be surprised if posts are few and far between.