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Nancy loves creating books! Here are her offerings so far. All titles are printed using online publishing services. If you'd like to obtain copies of these books, contact Nancy directly. Please be forewarned: they are expensive because they are printed on demand. Available in either softcover or hardcover. Thanks for looking!

Highland County History Coloring Book

Produced for the Highland Historical Society, this coloring book is old-fashioned fun for kids. Pictures depict historic places and events in scenic Highland County, Virginia. Drawings by Susan Blanchard; design and text by Nancy Vance. $5 each plus postage. All proceeds benefit Highland Historical Society.

  Kirsten Rides A Pony

    Pony dreams come true for a special little girl. A true story. Click here  to preview this book.

Birds At My Feeder

Consider this book a pre-primer for bird watching. Photos and converstional text help readers identify sixteen species of birds that frequent backyard feeders. Click here to preview this book.

Something Alive Was Here!

Go on a hunt for wild things! This book lets you examine the clues wild creatures leave for us to find. Can you identify which creature left the evidence? Rhyming riddles and informative text help kids learn about common wildlife.

Red Goes To Work

Follow Red, an Australian Kelpie, through a typical day at work. Learn how he moves cattle several times his size with ease. See how he chases tiny birds for fun. And find out about his best friend. It's all in a day's work for Red. A great gift for children.

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