Friday, May 9, 2014

Photo Challenge: Color

I'm linking up with Donna's Personal Photo Challenge for this month's theme of COLOR. Can you imagine a world without color? Although black and white can be stunning, especially in the world of photography, color adds a whole new dimension to life. After all, Kansas was in black and white, while Oz was in living color!

I've enjoyed the beautiful flowers I've been potting for my summer beds. Here's a gorgeous peach dahlia.

I like the contrast of the peachy blooms against the rich green foliage here:

And don't forget the humble and prolific dandelion!

Food without color would be just awful, don't you think? Try to imagine these lovely peaches in shades of grey...bleeeck!

Vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced and ready to eat, just wouldn't be the same if they weren't red.

This cardinal kept attacking his reflection in our window. It was annoying, but I did get some good shots, even if they were through the glass.

A special thanks to all of you who left messages of comfort and support during my father's final days. Your kind words, thoughts, and prayers helped me through a tough time and I humbly thank you.


  1. Oh my! They kept getting better right up to that stunning cardinal. Well done!

  2. Beautiful color and I'm so loving that cardinal shot. Wonderful catch!

  3. Bela seleção! Minhas preferidas são o dente de leão e o magestoso cardeal!
    Um abraço!
    Nice selection! My favorite is the dandelion and majestic cardinal!

  4. You take beautiful photos! The cardinal is stunning!!! I love it!

  5. I'm happy that the dandelions are blooming as of this week because the bees have been looking for sources of nectar. Wow, the best close up of a cardinal I've seen, gorgeous red colour!

  6. Wow- all beautiful images of rich colour! The cardinal shot is incredible - the best I've ever seen. You are so right - our food (and our world) would just not be the same without colour!!

  7. WOW! Your shot of the Red Cardinal is quite magical. It's so crisp with the feathers and eye detail.
    The green background a perfect foil too.
    Nancy, when you mentioned 'grey peaches' I couldn't imagine wanting to eat anything grey!!!
    You're so right - colour makes our world!

  8. Wonderful selection of color, from soft orange to that stunning Red Cardinal. Such a great variety.

  9. Gorgeous and colorful flowers.. I love the tomatoes and the pretty cardinal.. Great selection for your color challenge..Wishing you a HAPPY Mother's day and week ahead!

  10. That peach dahlia is a gorgeous specimen. Very nice macro shot! And you have beautiful examples of color contrast in the other photos. My favorite is the humble dandelion. And you got a terrific closeup of the male cardinal! Great job on the challenge, Nancy!


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