Monday, May 26, 2014

Farewell, Aunt Beany

There's hardly anyone alive who can remember Trimble's Knob's previous owners. For nearly 80 years, its caretakers have been Robin's Aunt Beany and Uncle Frank, and for all those years there have been sheep on the Knob. I never knew Uncle Frank because he died in 1980, before I moved to Highland County. For 30 years, though, I was privileged to know and love Aunt Beany, who left us last Friday evening at the remarkable age of 100 years and six months. She'll be buried tomorrow, but today, a fitting tribute mysteriously appeared atop Trimble's Knob. Farewell, Aunt Beany. The Knob will miss you.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothering Magic

At church today, our pastor remarked that this holiday should be called "Mothering Day" because not every woman is a mother in the literal sense, but most of us females find ourselves mothering creatures of one kind or another. Whether they have two legs or four, whether they're covered with hair, fur, feathers or scales, we girls just can't help nurturing little living things. And that is something to celebrate! Without all this mothering going on, our world would be a heartless place indeed.

The highlight of my Mothering Day was watching this little Bantam hen with her new chicks. It was mothering at its finest!

Here's hoping you've had a Mothering Day that made you smile!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Photo Challenge: Color

I'm linking up with Donna's Personal Photo Challenge for this month's theme of COLOR. Can you imagine a world without color? Although black and white can be stunning, especially in the world of photography, color adds a whole new dimension to life. After all, Kansas was in black and white, while Oz was in living color!

I've enjoyed the beautiful flowers I've been potting for my summer beds. Here's a gorgeous peach dahlia.

I like the contrast of the peachy blooms against the rich green foliage here:

And don't forget the humble and prolific dandelion!

Food without color would be just awful, don't you think? Try to imagine these lovely peaches in shades of grey...bleeeck!

Vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced and ready to eat, just wouldn't be the same if they weren't red.

This cardinal kept attacking his reflection in our window. It was annoying, but I did get some good shots, even if they were through the glass.

A special thanks to all of you who left messages of comfort and support during my father's final days. Your kind words, thoughts, and prayers helped me through a tough time and I humbly thank you.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Morning Song

Look who was singing outside my window this morning! As I gazed at my sleepy face in the bathroom mirror, I heard a happy song close by. When I turned and looked out the window, there he was, singing his little heart out. In fact, I still hear him. He's probably singing for a female cardinal who's near, but I'd like to think he's singing for me, too. Thankfully he stayed put while I ran downstairs for the camera and attached the big zoom lens.

Thanks, Mr. Cardinal, for a sweet start to my Friday! Who knows? Maybe I'll join your happy morning is bound to be good for body and soul. Have a wonderful day and a great weekend!