Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Quiet Thanksgivng

This is the first year in a long time that Robin and I have been at home for Thanksgiving, with just the two of us to enjoy a nice dinner. Although I missed being together with family, I have to admit it was nice not to be traveling or stressing over a dirty house and a huge meal for a houseful of guests.

I enjoyed a laid-back day, setting the table with my mother's pretty china and cooking without being in a hurry.

We had the usual Thanksgiving fare: turkey,


mashed potatoes,

and green beans.

There were a also a couple of family favorites: Corn Pudding

and Cranberry Relish.

I tried a new recipe for dessert: Apple Butter Pumpkin Pie. It was... let's see... interesting! And pretty, a real pretty pie.

There was plenty of room in my day for counting blessings, and I did a lot of that. I could make a list, but suffice it to say that, despite all the change and challenge that's come my way in 2014, my life is sweet, very sweet indeed. And I'm mighty thankful to the One who's blessed me so. I hope you can say the same.