Monday, May 26, 2014

Farewell, Aunt Beany

There's hardly anyone alive who can remember Trimble's Knob's previous owners. For nearly 80 years, its caretakers have been Robin's Aunt Beany and Uncle Frank, and for all those years there have been sheep on the Knob. I never knew Uncle Frank because he died in 1980, before I moved to Highland County. For 30 years, though, I was privileged to know and love Aunt Beany, who left us last Friday evening at the remarkable age of 100 years and six months. She'll be buried tomorrow, but today, a fitting tribute mysteriously appeared atop Trimble's Knob. Farewell, Aunt Beany. The Knob will miss you.


  1. Those are great photos of some beautiful country! As to your question about what lens to buy, it depends on what kind of camera you have, what size sensor is in that camera, what lenses you already have and what you want to do with the new one. Most of the photos I make with my Canon 6D (full frame sensor) are with the 24mm-105mm or the 17mm-40mm zooms. My next favorite lens is probably my 35mm f/2 for my 6D. I also have a Fuji x-e2 (aps-c sensor) with a couple of lenses.

    Let me know what kind of camera you have and I'll be able to advise you better on which lens will suit your needs / wants.

  2. She was quite a remarkable lady. Joe tells stories of her independence when she would come to the co-op for farm supplies. He always admired her. And, of course, I got to know her when I interviewed her. She was funny and gentle. I will look for my copy of that video and get it to you.

  3. I am so sorry to learn of the death of 'Aunt Beany'. Aunt Beany was an extraordinary lady, mighty and cute as a button. I marveled at how she cared for her sheep to a ripe age and how fitting you send the photos of the knob. The Vance family are all extraordinary...of certain pioneering and ever so strong stock so well connected to nature and the environment and their community. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. God bless her. What a sweet tribute.

    1. Thanks, Donna. Aunt Beany was one of a kind, all right!


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