Saturday, December 22, 2012

Keeping Christmas

I don't know where the phrase "keeping Christmas" originated. It sounds old to me, or at least old-fashioned.  I suppose "keeping Christmas" is what we would call "celebrating Christmas" these days. We all know what that involves: shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating, practicing, singing, worshiping, cooking, cleaning, traveling, visiting, eating. Gee, just typing all that out makes me tired! But hidden inside all those things is the reason for celebrating Christmas and it's oh, so important!

At our house, we're keeping Christmas this year

with decorations from childhood

and decorations we've chosen.

We're keeping Christmas with cherished recipes made once a year to keep them special,

and served on special dishes.

We're keeping Christmas with music: old familiar carols for playing,

and singing,

and listening to.

We're keeping Christmas with lights

 and candles.

We're keeping Christmas with gifts wrapped up for surprises.

But most of all, we're keeping Christmas with Jesus. It's His birthday, after all.

We're part of the faithful who come to adore Him.

Adoring this Gift from God, who saved us from our sins.

Adoring Him with music, food, family, gifts, and decor, all meant to "keep Christmas" in our hearts.

Yes, we're "keeping Christmas" at our house this year. It can be a lot of bother, but all the effort adds up to a heart full of everlasting joy, way down deep, where it matters most.

Whatever your traditions, I hope you're keeping Christmas at your house in some form or fashion.
It's a sweet season to behold!

Merry CHRISTmas!!

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