Friday, February 1, 2013

Puppy Chef

Many of you like it when I share a recipe. Here's one you've got to try! Only thing is, you'll probably have to come to my house to make it.


Add three medium handfuls of puppy chow to a blender.

Cover with hot water, just until the puppy chow starts to float.

Puree for thirty seconds or so,

until you have mush.

Scrape out onto cookie sheet.

Immediately fill blender with water to soak. It makes cleanup much easier.

Set the cookie sheet in the middle of the puppy yard.

Wake up the puppies...

and watch the fun!

Serves six hungry puppies. Guaranteed to produce smiles and laughter!

Leah's puppies are growing by the hour. Their little personalities are starting to show, and their bumbling attempts at playing are a hoot to watch. The down side of that, though, is that the only time they are still enough to get good photos is when they're asleep! Consequently, there are lots of blurry spots in my pictures. With Robin's help, I did manage to get these closeups. Come meet the babies!

This is the first puppy born, a little girl who is colored the most like her papa, Red. Her eyes are blue, much lighter than the other puppies' eyes. I wonder if they will stay that way, or turn dark. She's always been the biggest puppy of the litter.

This little black and tan girl looks just like her Mama. She's the smallest puppy, although not by much. And she's the instigator of the bunch, and the biggest talker, too!

The other female is also black and tan, but the tan spots above her eyes are very faint. She's not as loud and bossy as her "twin."

When it comes to the boys, I'm just now beginning to be able to tell them apart, and I have to get a good look at their faces to do it. This one has the most black on his muzzle.

This one's head is getting to be more and more the color of Papa Red. Pardon the Puppy Mush on his nose!

And this little guy has the prettiest combination of colors on his face. His head is smaller than his brothers' too, more like his mama's.

I can't tell you as much about the boys' personalities because when I'm watching them play, they all look the same unless I can get a full-on view of their faces. It's tons of fun to sit in the puppy yard (right after I've cleaned it up and put down fresh newspapers, of course!) and let them climb all over me. They're getting curious now, and can move around well enough to "go and find out." It's amazing how quickly they are changing. In the morning, they'll be able to do more than they can tonight. They're already just over three weeks old (24 days, to be exact) and they'll be ready to go to new homes in no time. *Gulp!*

If you're in our neighborhood, you must come see them. Sweet little puppies don't last long!

After supper, it's playtime!


  1. Soft and sweet they are! Hard to believe that they are three weeks already. Gulp!

  2. And wiggly!! Such fun...just what we needed.

  3. they are so cute! I hope to see them soon - time goes by so very quickly!

  4. what mix are the puppy??

    1. If you mean what breed are they, they are purebred Australian Kelpies. We still have three...they're 4 months old now. Want one??


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