Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turn of a Century

A century. Ten decades. One hundred years. One thousand two hundred months. Fifty thousand two hundred weeks. Thirty-six thousand five hundred days. No matter how you measure it, it's a long time. And when it's some one's lifetime, it's worth celebrating!

We did just that today for Robin's aunt, Lavenia, better known as Aunt Beany to the family. Born one hundred years ago today, she is very much alive and doing quite well. Oh, she has some common old-age challenges: she uses a walker now, and has hearing aids (but doesn't like them; she told her friend they were "in the drawer" this afternoon!). When her family and friends gathered to share her special day they enjoyed talking with her

and browsing through her life in pictures.

There were two birthday cakes: one made to resemble her beloved Trimble's Knob, one of two extinct volcanoes in Virginia that just happens to be on her farm,

and one with candles to mark her 100 years.

Although Aunt Beany was happy to see her nieces, nephews, and cousins, the highlight of her day was seeing her friends from home (an hour and three mountains away), some for the first time since she moved to assisted living over a year ago.

It was a wonderful birthday party, for the young

and the young at heart.

"So, Lavenia, how does it feel to be 100 year old?"
"About like it did a hundred years ago...helpless!"
Living to be 100 years old is quite a feat, and being pretty much sound in both mind and body at that age is even more remarkable. Aunt Beany has been blessed with a mind and wit that are just as sharp now as ever. We're so thankful she could celebrate and enjoy her century mark with those who love her. Seeing that sweet sparkle in her eye, still there at 100, inspires me to do everything I can to age gracefully, hopefully being a blessing to others as long I'm around. I've had some good teachers, and if I make it to 100, I still have almost half a century to learn how.


  1. Happy birthday to your Aunt Beanie! 100 years - WOW!

  2. Good Morning and Happy Birthday Wishes to Aunt Beany! She looks wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing her special day in your talented and special way.
    Time flies, but you are on the right track. Love, to all of you, Linda

  3. Oh I am so charmed by your aunt. I don't know who the lady in red is, but how your Aunt Beany's face lit up to see her. She sure is making 100 look good!

    1. The lady in red is a dear friend who, after her own husband died a few years back, reached out to help others instead of letting her grief turn inward...another great lesson to remember!

  4. Oh how precious! Aunt Beany is an absolute doll and I am sending her some sweet Happy Birthday wishes. She looks amazing at 100 years old :) Blessings to you, Friend!

    1. Aunt Beany is something, all right! She's one of those women who can work hard and get really dirty and scruffy, but also knows how to dress up and look like a million bucks. You can read about her and her sheep on my April 21, 2012 post. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  5. Though we've never met Aunt Beany, except in these "pages", we really enjoyed the photos and message. And the sheep-topped cake signifying Home . . . . wow!

    the Greenleafs


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