Friday, July 11, 2014

Photo Challenge: Portraits

Can't believe it's Photo Challenge time again already! I'll have to delve into my archives again as I've had no time to plan or shoot portraits this month. Portraits are not something I usually shoot. Sometimes I try to get good shots of our pets, and on special occasions I try to capture the people involved. But as far as shooting posed photos of people, it's not something I usually do.

I'm saved this time by my nephew's wedding. He and his lovely bride tied the knot on May 17. Blue Mason jars, heirloom flowers, and burlap made for a vintage theme amid a beautiful farm setting. One thing that the photos don't show is that the temperature was barely 50 degrees and everyone was freezing during the outdoor ceremony! Thank goodness the reception was indoors, where everyone was much more comfortable.

On the left is the groom's childhood next-door neighbor. She's posing with my oldest sister.

This is my sister and her husband, parents of the groom.

The maid of honor was striking. Thankfully you can't see any goosebumps!

Once the ceremony was over, wedding guests relaxed with cocktails (and got warm!)
while waiting for the bridal party to finish with photos. This is my husband with
my cousin's wife.

During cocktails, guests were invited to pose for silly photos using a variety of props,
including boas, goofy hats, crazy glasses, etc. This is my aunt. She might not like it if I told
you how old she is. Let's just say she was 11 years younger than I am now when
I was 1960. Can you do the math?

My nephew, the groom, watches while his bride dances with her father.

And the bride watches as her new husband dances with his mother.

Their magical wedding ended with a sparkler send-off.
I'd never seen that done before. It was quite a sight.

Not only are the months flying by, so are the years. This handsome young groom was born just five months before my own wedding, 29 years ago.

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  1. Such beautiful captures of a special day, the portrait of the bride watching her husband is stunning.

  2. These are all really lovely portraits capturing so many moments in that special day. Beautiful!

  3. What great photos of such a memorable day. The "watching" photos are especially intriguing.

  4. These are such beautiful photo's. :)

  5. What a Beautiful family! Love all the shots...!

  6. What a great photo opportunity the wedding was Nancy.
    All great portraits and I love the character in those older faces who have experienced life!

  7. Beautiful shots! Lovely wedding! Thanks for posting and sharing.

  8. Belas fotos. Amei a tia com o boá azul e os olhares dos noivos. Parabéns!
    Um abraço!

    Beautiful photos. Loved aunt with blue boa and looks grooms. Congratulations!

  9. Hopping over from the photo challenge, love your photos! What a happy day, smiles all around! Dazee

  10. Beautiful photos, the maid of honour photo is great!

  11. Oh, these are just lovely! And I've always liked candid photos taken at a wedding much better than the formal one! Best wishes to the beautiful bride and handsome husband as they start their new lives together. I never heard of the sparkler send-off. Even though you don't normally take portrait photos, you didn't need to worry about this challenge. You did splendidly! And I know you will have a lot of fun next month with the topic of "animals."


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