Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Old Hobbies Die Hard

This past Saturday it snowed. Hard. All day. In the end we had over 18 inches on the ground. Now, I know that is nothing compared to what Boston has, but around here, that's a pretty good snow. When it snows like that, I always want to do something I enjoy, like reading, sewing, baking, or what my aunts call "handwork." The women in my family have always liked to make pretty things with needle and thread, and this handwork takes many forms: quilting, embroidery, crotchet, knitting, and in my case, counted cross stitch.

I can't remember what my first counted cross stitch project was. Over the years I've made several. Some of them were for gifts, and others I have hanging in my home.

It's been a long time since I've done any counted cross stitch. The dates on these two pieces are 1992 and 1996! I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure I haven't done any since the turn of the century - 15 years, or more.

When the snow started piling up on Saturday, I found myself itching to work with my hands, so I dug out a project I started way back when and didn't finish. It's an old-fashioned Santa whose arms are loaded with toys.

It can be tedious, but I really enjoy watching a lovely picture unfold as I stitch. I'm a perfectionist at heart, and although none of my creations are perfect, the process satisfies that need deep inside to strive for a flawless finished product.

I've made good progress in the last three days. I've noticed, however, that I can't see as well as when I started this jolly fellow, and so a magnifying glass is now among my tools. And after I've stitched for hours (it's hard to find a good stopping place) my neck and shoulder have a crick that didn't used to be there.

The magnifying glass is especially handy for taking out mistakes, as I found out on Sunday afternoon after I discovered I had done the outline stitching around Santa's face and beard with the wrong color.

I'm notorious for taking forever to finish such a project. However, since it is only February, I just might have this one finished in time to enjoy during the Christmas holidays.

But, even if I don't, it's so nice to be stitching again. It feels good and comfortable and right, despite tired eyes and a sore neck. It's one of the many things that make this life of mine a sweet one.


  1. I have a friend who loves to do counted cross stitch, she makes some lovely pieces. I look forward to seeing your old fashioned Santa finished sometime later in the year.


  2. He will be gorgeous- he already is! Hang in there and get him finished up- you'll be so glad you did. Another wonderful family heirloom!!

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from Roses of Inspiration. Your cross stitch pieces are lovely. I crochet, but I don't have the patience for such fine work. I'm very impressed.

  4. Your cross stitch pieces are lovely, they look very intricate. I'm getting back into this craft after many years away. Love your new work, very festive!

  5. Oh wow, your cross stitch pieces are truly beautiful! The first one pictured took my breath away it's so lovely :)

    Thank you so much, dear Nancy, for sharing at ROI. It's a blessing to have you link up. Hugs!

  6. I just love cross stitching too, it is getting harder the older I get even with my bifocals, love how they come together with the backstitching!

  7. I use to cross stitch a lot years ago, and yours are very pretty! I have one hanging in my dressing room I made, a large basket with yard inside it and a girl sitting in a chair. Made it over 30 years ago and love it. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you liked my vintage dishes I bought.

  8. You do beautiful work! I have stitched hundreds of pieces over the years when you include all of my needlework ornaments. I used to stitch in the evenings when I watched tv and marveled at the daily progress. Ah, but my eyesight is not that good now, so I haven't stitched anything in several years.

  9. Hi Nancy, your stitch work is gorgeous and you do excellent work. I love to stitch too when I'm not painting for my shop. Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. You asked about my room paint color. It is called Churchill Maple ( I referred to it as maple sugar) and I got it at ACE hardware and the brand is Royal. Hope that helps.
    I enjoyed my visit to your blog and now a new follower.
    Happy Spring. Hugs, CM


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