Sunday, June 18, 2017

Leaf Lessons

It was about right here that I first noticed it,
several yards up the road.

Do you see it?

I couldn't figure out what it was...

until I got closer.

It was a leaf, a tiny red leaf. A little red leaf wouldn't be
unusual in October, but in June?

I looked around, but couldn't find anything with red leaves,
only the vibrant greens of early summer.

A closer inspection revealed not only the brilliant red color,
but a few imperfections as well.

As I walked, I pondered this little red leaf. It was unconcerned about being the only thing red in a world of grey and green. The fact that there were no others like it didn't keep it from being true to its beautiful, red self. Nor was it hiding its blemishes.

The conclusion I came to is this: as a Christian,
I should be more like this tiny leaf!


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