Sunday, April 7, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays: we all have them. While we're young, birthday celebrations are full of fun and surprises. Our "special day" is indeed special when we're at the center of attention. Then, once we're grown and on our own, birthday celebrations tend to remind us that time is passing by, and every year goes by faster than the one before. When we're old - really old - birthdays become a goal to reach, and then an achievement that we are still around to celebrate one more time.

A lot of birthdays occur in March for both our families. There's Robin's niece on March 2, my dad on March 16, Robin's brother-in-law on March 18, Robin's dad on March 20, my sister on March 22, and Robin's sister on March 25. (By the way, the fact that I can tell you when all these birthdays occur does not mean that I remembered to send all of them a card - sorry!) All but two of those birthdays are for folks who are in the years when we'd rather not bother counting them; you know, over 21 and under 80. But there were two special celebrations for our dads.

On March 16 my dad turned 93. His wonderful church family marked his special day with a covered dish meal after Sunday worship the next day, St. Patrick's Day, attended by dozens of friends, old and new.

There were festive decorations,


and birthday cakes (yes, two), one an ice cream cake

and one complete with candles.

There was also one of those delicious southern dinners
where everyone brings their most delectable dishes.

It was a special day to celebrate, since Dad was finishing 35 radiation treatments for a cancerous growth on his vocal chords. That's a challenge at any age, but quite a feat at 93. Everyone joined in the festivities, no matter what their age.

Even the birthday boy!

Today we joined Robin's family to celebrate his dad's 95th birthday. It was actually on March 20 (as he was quick to point out!) but, getting four children and five grandchildren, along with spouses, cousins, nieces, nephews, and friends together at the same time takes some flexibility and today was the day. His granddaughter, Jenn,

 made a very special cake: a map of his beloved home, Highland County, Virginia.

Lots of memories flew back and forth among the brothers, sisters, cousins, and in-laws as we munched on all the birthday goodies and made some new memories.

Most of all, Bruce enjoyed visiting up close with his family.

Just four months ago, we also celebrated Bruce's big sister's 99th birthday!

Lavenia (Aunt Beany to the family) was living alone, lambing out her small flock of sheep this time last year. Now she and her 95-year-old "little" brother share a room in an assisted living facility.

Family birthdays don't occur so close together during the rest of the year. We won't be marking any more 90+ birthdays until late summer. The ones between now and then are for those of us who aren't counting. Still, whether your special day is truly special or just another day, it's always a little sweeter when someone remembers to say, "Happy Birthday!" Here's wishing you a Happy Birthday, whenever yours falls.
Mine just happens to be today.

Nancy at age 3, when she couldn't wait for another birthday.


  1. Enjoyed the post...especially a glimpse of your father's birthday celebration. Your Dad looks great! You did a wonderful job capturing the two special events. What a cute five year old you were! Again, Happy Birthday!

  2. happy days - what a cute child you were - and are!

  3. Happy days to you, too! When is your special day?

  4. Belated Happy Birthday, Nancy!

    Just a couple days ago Leland piped up from the back seat of the car and told me he wants to go back to Highland County because "I like Robin and Nancy so much!".

    Laura Greenleaf

    1. Thanks, Laura! What a little sweetie you have...we'd like to see Leland again, too!


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