Sunday, April 14, 2013

Photo Challenge

Today I discovered several new blogs that I'm excited about reading and following. One of those is A Personal Photo Challenge. It seems to be fairly new and offers those of us who are hooked on photography a comfortable place to experiment, learn, and grow. The blog's welcome page says that, "This blog is dedicated to providing participants with routine challenges to expand and practice their digital photography skills." Sounds like just the place for me!

Therefore, I'm jumping into this month's challenge at the last minute. It was posted a little over a month ago, with the submission date being yesterday through "a couple of days thereafter." The theme for this challenge is simplicity. I dug around in my photos from the last year or so and found these three that fit:

The most important thing I did to get this photo was use a tripod. I also took it
when the afternoon light was streaming in my kitchen window

Learning to use the aperture priority setting was a big step!

I like locks and keys, so this one came pretty easy.
Many thanks to Donna of Cottage Days and Journeys for creating this place to hone my photography skills. Can't wait to see what other shutterbugs have to say!


  1. Perfect examples of the theme. I love the bowl.

  2. Very nicely favorite is the eggs in the bowl. Beautiful use of sidelight.

  3. Thanks for finding out about the challenge blog and joining in! I'm holding them on the 2nd Saturday every month, and upcoming topics are posted on the blog's sidebar.

    These are terrific examples of the simplicity theme. In the first one, afternoon sunlight, streaming through a window and providing illumination from the side, is always a winner. The long, deep shadows gives the image a definite "still life" quality. All of the photos reminds the viewer of everyday life on a farm, and the celebration of everyday things. Great depth of field on the second one! And the last one is my personal favorite because I especially love old architecture and all of the little details that show character. The texture of the wood and dark paint contrasts with the shiny brass of the fixtures.

    This challenge was apparently an easy one for you because you nailed it, Nancy! I hope you will continue to have fun with us each month!

  4. Sorry to be late! I was out of town...
    LOVE the bowl of eggs!! Reminds me of my grandmothers kitchen table so long ago!
    Nice job!!


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