Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's A Mystery!

Back at Christmastime 2011, Robin tried his hand at decorating. I don't think he grew up with too much in the way of holiday decorations, but he gave it a shot. A mile and a half from our house, where Davis Run Road intersects Bullpasture River Road, he placed a Christmas wreath of his own design on an old fence post. He started with barbed wire looped into a wreath and then added the cow's skull. He graciously accepted my suggestion of a red bow; never mind that he didn't put it where I thought it should go.

After Christmas, he removed the bow, but left the wreath to grace the entrance to Davis Run all year long. We got used to it being there and didn't see it most of the time. But a few months ago, the wreath mysteriously began to take on a new life...without any help from us!

First it was the antlers. Robin came in one day and said someone had added a set of deer antlers to the skull. They made it look rather odd, but unique nevertheless. Weeks went by and no one admitted to the antlers. After a good long while a hat, complete with jaunty feather, graced  the skull, and a long while after that, sunglasses appeared. It's been quite puzzling to us as to who is responsible for all this creativity! There was even a change of wardrobe when the blue bandanna handkerchief was replaced by a fresh, clean red one. And let's see, now we have a bit, a cow's tail, and as of today, toy pistols in a gun belt!

It's really quite a mystery, especially since Robin is out and about all hours of the day (and sometimes, night). The entrance to the farm where he works is withing spittin' distance of this fence post, but he's never seen anyone near it.

We've mulled over lots of possible candidates for this little bit of country fun, but so far have not been able to settle definitively on anyone.

We've ruled out a few folks, and I know who I think it is. Robin's not so sure, though. In the end, maybe  I don't want to know. It's fun watching to see what will appear next! And, some of life's sweetest treasures are in the not knowing: Who sent the Valentine? Who left the flower on my desk? Who is decking out our humble Christmas skull wreath?? If you know who, don't tell us! Not yet, anyway. We're having too much fun watching the mystery unfold.


  1. Oh my, this made me smile! What a transformation from the first picture :)

    Also, I wanted to thank you for your many kind comments on my blog - they have been a blessing to me. Have a lovely week!

    Hugs to you!


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