Sunday, September 8, 2013

Slumber Party

A crystal clear Friday afternoon in September finds me waiting by the roadside.

Finally I see what I'm waiting for.

Although not my own, precious cargo indeed.

She's the daughter of friends and she's spending the night with us. First, an after-school snack,

the slicing of which is quite necessary for an eight-year-old mouth.

A quick change of shoes

and we're off on country adventures: gathering eggs,

picking tomatoes,

and loving on horses.

There are household chores too: getting the laundry off the line,

setting the table,

and helping make supper.

While she waits for Robin to come home, there is a little homework to do.

And after supper, there are eggs to clean

and more reading to do

and still more stories at bedtime.

Saturday morning brings her first attempt at frying an egg

and a walk with our Sheltie, Cheyenne.

When she asks, I'm glad I know how to French-braid hair.
I know because once upon a time many years ago my hair was long and thick like hers.

The morning flies by, the camera forgotten, while we putter at this and that. All too soon her mother arrives and our slumber party is over. What a sweet memory it is for me, and someday, perhaps, for her too.


  1. Dear Nancy,

    Your photos are outstanding! And you captured your time together so well. A country dream come true.

    ...enjoying your new blog look:)


    1. Thanks Amanda! I learned a lot about perspective from the lovely photos on your blog.

  2. Hi Nancy! It looks like you had a beautiful time together :) I have no doubt she had a wonderful time at your home. Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs!

    1. We did have a great time, and she told her mother that we "did pretty good for not having children of our own!" I'm glad we passed the test!

  3. What a beautiful post and photos. It look like a certain 8 year old girl enjoyed her sleepover. What a sweetheart!

  4. Thanks, Pamela! Glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you can visit This Sweet Life often.


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