Thursday, September 5, 2013


If I leave my computer on all the time, it gets automatic updates that keep its operating system running smoothly. You probably don't know it, but I "update" you all the time, with the posts that write themselves in my head. This evening, maybe I can get a few of those updates out in the open, where you can actually see and read them!

I'm still scrubbing blue jars and bottles. Robin keeps unearthing another box or crate of them from the depths of several outbuildings. I've washed and boxed up quite a few now. I can only do four or five a day since the cleanser that does such a good job removing the crud on the glass also does a good job of eating up my fingers.

After additions started appearing on our mystery wreath, Robin added an old saddle form to the post behind it. Low and behold, after a month or so, a rifle appeared! No one has yet admitted to being our partner in country road decor.

After trying my skill at photographing a Baltimore Oriole, I turned my attention to the hummingbirds that were frequenting our feeder on the front porch. A little patience and some cropping resulted in a few good shots.

As for the puppies, we still have Ernie and Gracie. We chose to keep Ernie because he is so much like his papa. We had hoped to place Gracie in a good farm home, but so far we haven't been able to. She's such a sweetie and almost eight months old. It will be awfully hard to let her go now.

The old folks in our lives continue their daily journey toward another birthday. With two dads and three aunts all between the ages of 91 and 99, we're getting a lot of first-hand experience in the aging process. It's fulfilling, frustrating, bittersweet, and scary, all at the same time.

Our garden is struggling: we had good potatoes, cucumbers, and corn, but the tomatoes and everything else have suffered from too much rain and not enough sunshine. I've done a little canning and freezing, and thank goodness, we have a lot left over in cellar.

On one of the blogs I follow, A Haven For Vee, Vee wrote about how she has so many posts started that have never made it to her blog. It was a relief to find out I wasn't the only one who does this! Over the past month there have been at least three or four posts that never made it out of my head. Hopefully this little update will fill you in for the time being. Now, if I could just figure out how to get automatic updates on my middle-aged body to keep it running as smoothly as my computer!!


  1. I have four posts in my head that have as of yet to make it to my blog...retirement sure is busy!

  2. Wow, your hummingbird pictures are fantastic! Truly beautiful shots :) I have several posts that are written and ready to be put on the blog, but they still haven't made it up. Some are almost a year old :) Have a lovely day!



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