Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Wonder Egg

I've written here about eggs before. You'd think there wouldn't be a whole lot more to say. After all, an egg's an egg, right? But I'm telling you, when Robin brings in the day's eggs, you never know what you'll find when you open that carton.

Most of the time the eggs are relatively normal, meaning they're fairly clean, average in size, and the usual colors of brown, light blue, or light green. Sometimes there are surprises that involve mud, straw, dried egg yolk, and poop, either alone or in combination, making the daily task of egg washing not so pleasant. (I'll spare you the photo!) Today, though, we got another whopper.

The last one was blue. This one is pale brown. I didn't weigh it, but it's huge, much larger than all the others. It's just about too big for the carton.

And it's especially bigger than the egg right next to it, which is the smallest egg we've gotten yet!

Tiny as it is, it looks as if some discomfort was involved in its production.

It's not much bigger than a penny.

My wedding right makes a perfect display stand.

When you place it next to today's whopper, it's hard to believe they both came from the same kind of bird!

Their difference in size is so great that I can't get them both perfectly in focus at the same time.

It could be the chicken's very first egg, or its very last. I'm pretty sure there is no yolk inside. But on the outside, it's a tiny, perfect egg. I've put it on the kitchen windowsill to dry out.

It will be a sweet little addition to my Easter decorations.

Once again, we found a little bit of wonder in one of nature's simplest things. Life is good.


  1. I, too, keep the tiniest eggs. They dry out quickly, but I never thought of using them at Easter. Enjoy being inside on a day like today!

  2. That a difference between the BIG one and the small one!


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