Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas At The Guest House

This is only the second winter we've had the Guest House open, and this year I'm delighted that we have guests coming during the Christmas season! Last year I put electric candles in the four downstairs windows and some greenery with a red bow on the driveway gate, but since we had no guests, I didn't do any decorating inside. But this year we have guests! Although there's not much room to add a lot of things, I had fun "decking the Guest House" with a little holiday cheer.

During the summer and fall, there are pots of pink geraniums on the porch.

For Christmas, I found an old coal bucket and filled it with holly and pine and added a plaid bow.

Since we are using the dining room as the bedroom for now, there's not really any room for a full-size Christmas tree.

I found a miniature one, though, that fits perfectly on top of the pie safe.

It's decorated with tiny gingerbread men, little Santas, shiny orbs, and red bows, all topped with a beautiful red cardinal. Underneath are miniature presents that I wrapped years ago for the little tree I always had in the school library. And most important of all, the Holy Family is there, too.

There are two stockings hanging from the mantle, where the Wise Men are resting while on their long journey to see the Christ Child.

The kitchen window sill is filled with tiny treasures, too.

All in all, it's not much when it comes to the lavish holiday decorations found in most lodging establishments. I often imagine what the house will look like someday, when it's all finished and filled with gentle lights, greenery, ribbons, and pretty Christmas things. And I'm wondering where the perfect spot for a real, live Christmas tree will be. Instead of candles in only a few windows...

I'm looking forward to one day having a light in every window to let our little corner of the world know that Vance's Country Guest House is welcoming the Christ Child.

After all, He's what Christmas is all about, you know.

May the blessings of a Christ-filled Christmas be yours this season.


  1. The guest house decorations are lovely, just right. And I do like the bucket with the holly and the bow. Decorating doesn't have to cost a lot.


  2. Your little guesthouse is so sweet and I'm sure very cozy for your guests. The decorations are just right. Have a wonderful Christmas. Blessings, Pamela


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