Wednesday, January 9, 2013

They're Coming!!

WE HAVE PUPPIES!!! I'm not sure if we have them all yet, but we have three beautiful babies! After a restless and evidently painful evening, Leah produced the first one around 9:20 this evening. An hour later there were three! It looks like there are two males and one female. Determining colors is a bit trickier, although the female seems to look more like Red and the two males like Leah. I'll post a lot more details tomorrow, but for now, here are a few photos:

The first puppy meets Mom face to face...
...and gets some breakfast.
The second puppy arrives!
Isn't it sweet?
It's a family of far.
Make that four!! Another puppy arrived while I was uploading these photos! More tomorrow. Or make that more later...much, since it's now after midnight, which makes it tomorrow, right?


  1. Good job, Leah! Hope all are resting well now... happy for you and Robin!

  2. Beautiful Puppies!! Excited for you, Robin, Leah, and Red :)


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