Monday, January 7, 2013

We're Ready...

We're ready for puppies! The question is, are the puppies ready for us??

Leah's whelping box is ready, complete with clean towels

and rugs on the floor outside, in case she decides she needs more room. There's a bowl of fresh water, too. We blocked off a small area of the basement so she can't decide to give birth amid all the stuff that's stored there. There's so much of it, we might never find the puppies!!

We have a baby monitor in place, on loan from Cindy, our friend who has sheep and uses the monitor in the barn at lambing time.

There's a speaker in the living room

and one beside our bed.

Leah has been in her box, voluntarily, all evening. She's never spent any time in the basement by herself before, so this is unusual.

We're hearing some noises on the baby monitor, noises that don't sound like she's very are the puppies coming tonight? Or, is she just miserable as she continues to wait?


  1. Waiting with you! Hoping all goes well for Leah and the pups!

    1. Thanks, Linda! Waiting is hard, but wait we must. :) Sorry to miss seeing you over the holidays. Maybe next summer??


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