Monday, January 14, 2013

Puppy Progress

Leah's puppies are doing fine: eating, sleeping, and growing all the time. The first day or two they needed their mama constantly, not only for food but for comfort. If they were not touching her in some way they were unhappy. Now, at almost six days old, they are quite content to sleep alone or in the classic pile of puppy siblings.

I find it quite relaxing just to sit and watch them sleep. Even more entertaining is listening to all the sweet puppy sounds they make. They do a lot of grunting, especially at meal time, but they also squeal quite loudly if Leah happens to lay on one. They squeak for no apparent reason and they twitch and yip in their sleep sometimes, just like Leah and Red do when they're dreaming. Robin doubts the puppies could be dreaming already: after all, what could they possibly have to dream about yet?

Just this morning one of the black and tan little girls has learned to growl! It's a cute little growl, nothing like a grown-up one, and just like human children with a new word or skill, she seems fascinated with practicing it.

Leah is eating a lot now, making sure she has enough milk for her family. At first we could hardly get her away from her babies, even to relieve herself. Now she has figured out that they'll be fine while she's outside for  little while. She accompanies Cheyenne and me on our morning walks, leaving the pups for at least 15 or 20 minutes. Other times she takes off into the woods after a squirrel, getting some much-needed exercise  I think she's feeling a little confined, evidenced by her big sighs from time to time. Nevertheless, she's committed to being a good mommy and always rushes straight to her babies when she comes in from outdoors.

The puppies are still on the hearth in our living room, right where they were born. I'm so glad they're not in the basement. I'd be wearing myself out going up and down the stairs to look at them. On the other hand, that might be a good idea: maybe I'd shed a few holiday pounds! They'll be in the basement soon enough, though. Once they get their eyes open and start moving around, they'll be able to climb over the boards Robin put up to make a box out of the hearth. Then we'll have to create a better puppy palace downstairs, where they'll have more room to play. For now, though, I'm quite glad to have them in the heart of our home,  where we can savor their innocence and contentment.


  1. They certainly look content and plump and healthy! I would probably want to watch them all day, too.
    Thanks for the update... I had been wishing for one!

    1. Yes, I have to make myself get to work sometimes! Watching them learn how to move around to get what they want is fascinating. They're already developing little personalities. I foresee names in the not too distant future!


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