Saturday, May 11, 2013

Flower Photo Challenge

I love photographing flowers! They are so delicate and intricate, so beautiful!  I hope, someday, to be able to really do them justice with my camera. And, I hope it's OK that I've posted four photos...couldn't make up my mind!

This crocus shot was taken several years ago with a Canon Powershot. I can't remember now, but I must have used the macro setting. I'm sure this one was just good luck, as I still have a lot to learn about macros.

This shot of Queen Anne's Lace was actually taken with my 35mm film camera. I scanned it into digital format. Even with the infinite possibilities of digital, I still like film photography.
When I first learned about the aperture priority setting on my DSLR, this Peace Lily bloom was one of the first shots that turned out nicely.
These red trilliums grow not too far from our house, on a steep and rocky outcropping, under a canopy of big trees, way up in the woods. They've been a challenge for me to photograph, what with the terrain, the light, and the constant breeze. I finally got a decent shot last week. After seeing Donna's gorgeous shot of a white trillium, I experimented with a little editing using the camera software. I was able to improve the color and contrast a bit.
I'm usually a straight-out-of-the-camera girl, preferring to "edit" my photos before I take them, rather than to do it afterwards. However, this challenge has inspired me to delve into the Photoshop thing...we'll see how that goes!
If you like taking pictures, join us on the Personal Photo Challenge each month. We're all learning together!


  1. Oh my, these are wonderful! And there's no problem with having four to share. Nobody's going to write you a ticket, LOL. It's like children. How can you possibly pick which one you love best?!

    I am particularly fond of the queen anne's lace photo with the backlighting! I've been wanting to try a shot like that for a while and plan to do one later on this year when they bloom. And the boost in color saturation and contrast on the red trillium really makes the flower "pop" in the composition! The other two macro shots are also lovely.

    LOL, I'm glad that you got some inspiration and took a little deviation from your comfort zone. That's what personal challenges are all about. But in the end, do what pleases YOU, that's the important thing. I happen to truly enjoy what I can create with editing. It makes the artist in me excited, since I can't draw worth a flip. Photography is supposed to be fun, so follow your heart!

  2. The Queen Anne's lace photo is pretty amazing!

  3. I carry a Canon point & shoot in my purse and I have to admit, they can take some amazing shots like your crocus which turned out really crisp. Queen Anne's lace is a flower I like to photograph myself except there's always pollinators of some sort on them. Your photo shows all the beautiful green stems, a network of the inner workings of the flower.
    The last two photos are nice too but I don't think you want a whole book in your comment section. What I'm learning from the challenge is that I should think about a post editing software like Photo Shop as there is so much more than can be done to enhance the photos.

  4. I love each of these flowers. The color of the crocus is beautiful and then the Queen Anne's lace looks like a snowflake! Trillium is one of my all time favorites...reminds me of living in the mountains of NC! Beautiful post!

  5. Very beautiful each in their own way. I love these. :)

  6. They are all wonderful and I'd be hard pressed to choose only one. Have to admit that bumping the color and contrast probably makes a lot of difference on the trillium, but ohhhhh the Queen Anne's Lace from that perspective. It looks amazing.

  7. These are all gorgeous! I do love the Queen Ann's Lace...I've never seen them before...the angle you used REALLY shows the lacy look! Well done!

    1. Thanks for becoming a follower, Millie! Welcome to This Sweet Life. Hope you find a blessing here.

  8. They are all so beautiful!!

    I'm sorry to be by so late to view but my satellite internet was acting ugly yesterday and wouldn't let me on!


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