Friday, May 3, 2013

Make Memories While the Sun Shines

There's an old saying that, like it or not, farmers must live by: "Make hay while the sun shines." It means that when the hay is ready and the weather is right, you'd better get to work if you're going to have enough to feed your livestock through the next winter. It's not wise to bale damp hay (chances are it will not keep), so getting acres of grass mowed, raked, and baled before it gets rained on usually requires long hours on hot days.

The same approach applies to a lot of life and living. There are times when we must work at the task at hand or the opportunity will be lost, even if there are other things we need or want to do. It's a lesson we all must learn if we are to make the most of situations and circumstances where time is of the essence.

Yesterday and today, I was "making hay" while I have the chance. I made a portable lunch of sandwiches and such, packed it up and took it to my dad and my aunt. As of this past Monday, they are both in the same nursing facility: my dad for daily IV antibiotics for a bone infection and my aunt for recovery and rehab due to a broken hip.

My dad, my cousin, and my aunt.
Normally, I don't find nursing homes to be happy places, but today was different. We had a delightful visit over our simple lunch, despite the physical challenges they both face. Aunt Mayo's son and daughter joined us, proving true another old saying: "The more, the merrier!" And after lunch, one of my dad's fine and loyal clergy friends arrived to visit and serve Holy Communion.

A new friend of Dad's, the nice lady across the hall (who is recovering from a knee replacement), and her husband also joined our fun. It was quite a bit like pushing back from the Sunday dinner table for an afternoon of good conversation among friends and family.

The spring weather has been nice here this week, and I could have been working outside yesterday and today. But spending the time cooking for and visiting with my dad and my aunt was much more important. It was my way to make hay while the sun in still shining. The hay I made won't fill a cow's stomach on a cold winter day. Instead, it's another bale in my barn of sweet family memories to be savored when I no longer have the opportunity to make any more.

Dad made his own "hay" today, pedaling away toward better health.

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  1. Wasn't yesterday a sunny day? And in so many ways!
    Thank you for sharing the delicious picnic; I am missing those deviled eggs today.
    I am going to the center this afternoon... hoping both our loved ones are even better today!


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