Thursday, May 16, 2013

Orphan Toddler

Little Goosey is growing! Remember this photo? It was taken the first day Robin found him.
The photo below was taken this evening. That's Little Goosey in the same plastic tub. He's just a tad bigger than nine days ago!
We kept him (or her?) in the basement for several days, but he needed to be outside and the plastic tub was getting too small. Robin brought an old tractor tire from the farm and filled the rim with water. It made a perfect home! Little Goosey can splash around in the water or sunbathe on the grass in the middle.
There was one big drawback, however. Puppies!
Well, dogs, actually. Six of 'em, all curious as could be. Robin reinforced the cover to keep out not only dogs, but cats (we have three) and any other critters that might think a little goose delectable.
This evening we moved the tire to a new spot in the yard. During the process, Little Goosey hung out in the garden buggy.
I wanted to put him in the grass to take some pretty photos, but Robin said we'd never catch him! So back into his fortress he went.
I know pet geese can be a real nuisance, even mean, but right now, Little Goosey is a sweet little thing. Hopefully we can take good care of him until he's big enough to survive on his own.

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